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Ready to use or to be customized

Have you found a logo you love in our catalog but want it tailored to your business? Or perhaps you purchased a logo from us previously and now aim to achieve a new business milestone, requiring a brand evolution. In either scenario, our Establish package offers an affordable and swift solution to obtain an effective logo design, with full ownership rights and the option to trademark it.

1 - Choose your favorite logo from our extensive collection.
After a brief questionnaire, Logology selects logos that resonate with your brand's identity. Our website provides insights on colors, fonts, and symbols, empowering you to make an informed choice.

2 - Schedule a personalized interview with the designer.
Let's discuss! Once you're ready, we'll arrange a call to understand your specific needs better.

3 - Select from original design variations.
Based on your feedback, I, the designer, will create new variations of the chosen logo concept to suit your requirements.

4 - Receive your brand-new, perfected logo straight to your inbox.
Choose your preferred design option from the proposals, and I'll deliver all source files along with an ownership agreement to you.

Some examples from our past customers:
Modos brand logo design before & after
Real AG Carbon brand logo design before & after
Women founders club brand logo design before & after

If you want it done right, done efficiently and have a very pleasant experience, then Logology is the one for you.

Jim Shelton, VP, Strategy at RealAgCarbon

A designer devoted to your brand

Who I am

I'm Lucie Baratte, the imaginative mind driving Logology. With almost 20 years in graphic design, I've cultivated a deep-seated passion for typography and logo design. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege to collaborate on a multitude of branding projects, breathing life into the visual identities of both up-and-coming startups and renowned brands.

How I work

Every logo in our catalog has been meticulously crafted by me, a professional designer. I've curated color and font combinations so that every proposal suggested by Logology’s website is both relevant and aesthetic. I draw my inspiration from nourishing discussions with project leaders. My work method is based on a semiotic approach and design thinking processes.

More than 15 years of logo design

Bespoke logo & brand design by logology
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What I’ve learned as a brand designer

Acquiring a logo is a critical step for every project, regardless of its size. The difference between starting with a great logo versus merely a decent one can often determine the success or failure of making a first impression on clients and investors. While a logo may be the smallest representative image of a company or institution, it serves as the proudest ambassador of the brand, ensuring stability in connection with the audience. It's a foundational cornerstone of your marketing strategy that should not be left to chance.

Inspiring brand design for your startup, ready to use or to be customized.

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