When using Logology, I felt like a live designer was asking me questions about my product. The onboarding takes you step-by-step on a process of discovery that I found incredibly insightful. By the end, I learned more about my own product and had a stronger sense of its brand.

The logo choices I felt were diverse but also focused. I found the designs to also be fresh and unique as well. Often designers follow trends, but I felt that the Logology options have modern aesthetics combined with timeless principles. By far the best experience I've ever had getting a logo, and fast!

Robert Ritz, founder of datafantic

I was pretty satisfied with our previous logo and looked at Logology just out of curiosity. After completing the onboarding quiz (which is very original by itself), the first impression was—wow, these are some great logo proposals!

I kept scrolling, and then stumbled upon a logo that fit our product perfectly, combining similar elements that we were already using, but in a nicer, stronger package. The rest is history...

Kristian Kozak, founder of Paperback

I had a product and I needed a brand. A good mix of colors, fonts, and a logo. Normally, you have to go through a few sessions with a designer or you can try putting something together but it usually ends up looking like Frankenstein’s monster.

Logology delivers a cohesive look with a touch of personalization, in a matter of minutes. Really loved the questionnaire and the preview features.

I would definitely use them again for my next products.

Arthur Saveliev, founder of Manylogs

As a founder who cares deeply about what I am doing, I am looking for services that match my passion. Logology provided the service of creating my logo like no other could and I felt the passion they put into the entirety of their service.

When I started the process of creating my logo, I fell in love immediately. Unlike other logo makers, it felt like they really wanted to understand their clients with their questionnaire, so that they could provide the best logo possible. When I got my logo possibilities, I was able to customize them in so many ways. They also provide you with the symbolic meaning of the colors, font, and design.

When I thought Logology couldn't get better, they did. A day after I purchased my logo, I got a personalized email from Dagobert the CEO. I am impressed by how he found time in his day to respond as we chatted back and forth. He seemed genuine in his interest in my organization and wanted to learn more. Truly unbelievable designs and unbelievable people. This service is like no other.

Andre Sanchez, founder of Project Ecosystem United

Using Logology was a pleasure from start to finish. The values and personality questions really made me think about how I could integrate my own values and personality with my app's.

The brand guidelines were such a great value add for someone like me, a technical founder with little design experience. I felt like I was working with an agency.

In the end, I got a bespoke, professional logo - and I didn't have to break the bank to get it.

Adam Rochette, founder of dub

The onboarding process was one of the smoothest and most compelling that I've seen. The questions they use to determine your company style were fun and unexpected.

There were countless logo options and color schemes presented that would have been great for TaskFiler, and it was easy to tweak settings to see different concepts.

Even after getting my brand assets, I was sent a series of follow-up emails outlining best practices for brand guidelines. It was like hiring a studio or consultant even on their lowest rate plan. Highly recommended.

Kyle Adamo, founder of Taskfiler

I have tried other similar services and was sadly disappointed. I loved the process! At first, I was skeptical but became fascinated by the questions, especially because they were so culturally relevant and able to capture exactly the emotion I wanted to evoke.

I wanted a playful, relaxed, counter-culture brand type of brand. That is better than getting a designer to craft a logo for you, and I’m as cynical as it gets.

Alfred Chuol - Founder of shoes are boring

We were preparing to launch our online community for first-time homebuyers when we found logology. We were excited to create a logo that enhances the branding of our website and social media. Previously, we had tried other logo-creation platforms but they didn't offer the inspiration, creativity or flexibility of logology.

It was fun to explore different options based on our unique brand vision and we look forward to scaling up our package as our company continues to expand. Additionally, we've been blown away by the proactive customer service and logology team.

Jaime Sanborn - Head of Marketing & Operations for The Home Dispatch

I'm a huge fan of the Software Ideas logo you did. I think you guys have a very cool system and I really think the "feel" is perfect for my business. I highly recommend Logology to anyone who asks me for a logo!

Logology was, by far, my favorite experience in designing a logo. I feel like I got all the benefit of working with a custom designer through your quiz, but without having to pay hundreds of dollars. Thank you!

I love how I was able to choose a logo that personified the values of my company. Whenever I see my logo, it feels like it just "fits", something I can't say about even some of the custom-work I've had done before I found you!

Kevin Conti, founder of Software Ideas

I landed on Logology after being unimpressed with another logo generation service. Right away, I could tell from the site that the design quality was going to be a cut above.

By answering a short series of multiple-choice questions, Logology somehow came up with a modern, brand-fitting logo and color scheme in a matter of minutes. 100% will use it for all my future startups.

Zev Averbach, founder of Dealbreakers

Thanks to Logology I have a fantastic logo that fits my product perfectly. As a solo software developer, it gave me a much-needed head start on the design direction for the rest of the website and applications. The process was even easier than I expected and I am thrilled with the results.

Daniel Rosenblatt, founder of Gamify

Logology boasts some fantastic user experience when it comes to creating a logo. You’re walked through the process of creating something that carefully considers your values and ultimately really aligns with your brand.

I’ve now got a logo that has helped to define my brand at a seriously reasonable price point. This has paved the way for me to move forwards with confidence in how my brand is perceived.

Luke Tyler, founder of Melobleep

Quality logos that match your company vision, reasonably priced, and available instantly? That's a no-brainer to me!

I really like Logology's design process. It asks a couple of questions related to your brand and based on that comes with instant logo suggestions without even putting my credit card information. You get to explore the options and if you're happy with it, you can go ahead and purchase it. Using Logology saved me a lot of time and I will definitely come back for future projects.

Matt Valley, founder of Testfully.io

I needed a logo for my new web app to add an air of polish and professionalism as I start demoing it to real users. I needed it to convey the right vibe and be abstract enough to support a range of pivots that could happen as I start getting feedback. Most importantly, I need to focus my efforts on talking to users and building the app, so I really couldn't spend a lot of my time on this.

Logology solved it with their automated brand discovery and high-quality logos. The discovery process was fun, and it helped me see things about my brand in a new and clearer way. The logos are of higher quality than any others I've seen at the same price point. And it was fast!

Now I have a consistent and defined style for my app and a great-looking logo that I'm sure will help make my app make great first impressions.

Matt Gillooly - CEO of whatisafarm.com

The user experience is very pleasant, playful and innovative. I really felt a personal creative impression in total correlation with what I do, what I want to share and who I am. I thank you and your team for this joyful discovery of my logo concept that I would describe as « magical ».

Caroline Labouré - CEO of lillesophro

Before fully committing to developing a product, we needed to gain lots of feedback on our idea. But in order to come across as credible, a logo was a necessary addition, and we needed one quickly. Logology came through in less than 20 minutes with a great, customizable logo, brand guidelines and a helpful description of the design. I highly recommend Logology!

Nicholas Schreiber, founder of Cedar

Logology is more than a logo maker. By trying to understand the values and the vision of my company, it generates the logo and colors that match the most. Added to that, I got all the logo and colors’ meanings. One of the best websites I ever used.

Hussein Abbas - Co-founder of Sparklebanon

I didn’t know exactly what kind of logo I wanted. That’s why I really enjoyed the experience on Logology. The questions made a lot of sense and it helped me visualize what would be the story behind my logo soon to be created.

I didn’t expect that level of quality for the choices generated. I hesitated between 3 logos in the end, trying different colors and fonts. The descriptions were enlightening.

Mehdi Bouaziz - Business Development Director - Surrogate.tv