Our vision

Our vision

A new kind of design service

Our product bridges the gap between working directly with a designer, who gets to the heart of what the meaning of the logo should be, and online generated logos. We figured out how to achieve a similar level of quality that you would get from a one-on-one collaboration with a skilled designer, only automatically and for a tenth of the price.

Who we are

We’re the result of a partnership between an experienced logo designer and a product builder:
Lucie is a graphic designer who specializes in Typography and Logo Design. She’s led numerous Logo and branding projects for startups as well as established brands.
Dagobert is a product designer and software developer, for years he’s helped startups figure out what their best product is, and how to skillfully build it.

Why we are doing this

We believe that a founders' number one priority should be to build their product and get their first customers. When you’re just getting started, you shouldn’t spend too much time or money wrestling with a designer to get a logo. It hinders your progress right now, and the result is likely to lose relevance as the vision for the product matures.

Still, the difference between starting up with a great logo, as opposed to merely a decent one, can be the thing that makes or break a first impression to clients and investors.

We believe we’ve found a way for founders to stay focused on their success, and still get a great logo, regardless of the stage of development their startup is at. Logology will enable thousands of founders to gain access to the logo that they dream of while supporting them in getting their startup to survive.

If you’re a founder and resonate with our vision, get started here →.